The Characteristics of TYPE AB People (November 20, 1997)

My summary from Mr. Masahiko NOMI's book "Ketsueki-gata Josei Hakusho" (Blood Type Woman White Paper).

There is a superstition that "Type AB is genius or fool". This is an expression that Type AB is completely unknown. Needless to say, this is not true. Type AB is a person of common sense more than the other types.
The No.1 personality of Type AB is the two-facedness. One is to have competence and strength, and to participate in the society faithfully. The other is phases of sudden feelings, unrealistic actions of capricious willfulness.
I want to raise the rational thinking for Type AB's basic parts, too. This is seen coldhearted, when too much appears in attitudes. This cooperates with Type AB's trend to be less absorbed to anything. As for Type AB, there are not a sense of togetherness with the society and group, even if participation desire to the society is enthusiastic. That is the place where a clear line is drawn from Type O and Type A.
It seems that Type AB wants to participate in the society to secure its stable life. Type AB most requires mental and economic stability. And there are many cases it makes its regular image (or mask) to join to the society. It resembles that many students or employees usually wear their uniforms.
It is able to choose any image but it usually chooses soft and sociable one for smooth society participation. Many Type ABs make smiling and soft images. As a result, men seem gentle although less manly, women seem famine in addition to gentle, which seems women got a little profits. But both are only superficial.
Although someone sees images as the double personality of Type AB, it is not right. The proof: Type AB takes off its image easily, to the people who became a little bit familiar to.

The above descriptions are correct, because I am a Type AB person. First of all, it is the distant feeling from the society that Type AB's fundamental trend. Therefore, it decided to make a good external image, because there is not the sense of togetherness with the society. As I am writing, I recalled the tale of Japanese immigrant to America. The 'nisei' seemed to be more like American, to melt to American society smoothly and get civil rights. Mr. NOMI also says "Type AB takes off image easily, to the people who became a little bit familiar to." This depends on the case. Some ABs take of their images easily and others do not. I am the latter. :-p

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