Frequently Asked Questions (November 20, 1997)

Why only four blood types?

It is the ABO blood type system that is most widely known. It classifies people into four kinds of blood types -- Type O, Type A, Type B and Type AB. There are more blood type systems such as Rh System, P System, MN System, Q System and so on. Each system are not necessarily classifies people into four blood types. But, It is rather difficult to check the relation between blood type and personality, because people don't know their blood types except the ABO system.
A famous Japanese science writer, Kumiko Takeuchi says there probably more close relation between HLA and personality than other blood types.

Are there relation between blood type and personality?

There are many data that shows obvious relation between blood type and personality. For example, Masahiko and Toshitaka Nomi and Raymond B. Cattell's study proofed it. The reason has not been clarified scientifically yet.

There are only four blood types, so there are only four personalitis?

This sort of misunderstanding seems to be spreading. For example, I don't say that 100% personality is decided by sex, the nationality, region, occupations, age and so on. It may be the extent with the trend of X at most.
It is mysterious why only blood type is said to decide 100% personality.

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