The Characteristics of TYPE O People (November 20, 1997)

My summary from Mr. Masahiko NOMI's book "Ketsueki-gata Josei Hakusho" (Blood-Type Women White Paper).

Personality differences of men and women is almost nonexistent. However, Type O people are strongly conscious of sex. Even a boyish type-O woman thinks she is a woman after all. On the contrary, if a type-AB person seems to manly or feminine, it seldom considers sex distinction.
The strong consciousness of sex is the indication of the natural nature of Type O. However, Type O personality is *not* primitive but natural. In other words, natural means humane. As the blood type becomes type A, type B and type AB, apart from the nature a little by a little and from the human.
A type-O woman sometimes does not seem to be feminine. Natural differences of personality between men and women are small, but social differences are large. A type-O person gives priority to its life and actions, first of all. Various personality traits of type O are born from there.
Surprisingly strong reality is type O.  O gropes the most advantageous action to exist, distinguishes pluses and minuses swiftly, is a good decision maker.
Purpose-orientation is O's nature and O considers the purpose on real life intensively. For example, a purpose to get occupations and  jobs, a purpose to seek the opposite sex, especially a purpose to hold the power. A type-O person doesn't show the zeal nor pursue the purpose isolated from real life.
When such purpose does not exist, a type-O person gets into awfully unstable. If the situation continues so long, it becomes like a cat in a sunny place.
The romantic expression of type O and the tendency to prefer such things seems to be contradictory to reality at first glance, but in reality, it is making an effect driving realistic behavior. Type-O person has the dual personality; romantic and realistic. But this is very superficial view. A romantic thinking usually doesn't become to an action.

I haven't really seen all the above characteristics. But fellow feelings, consciousness of sex distinction, generosity, reality and purpose-orientation are the vivid characteristics.

Famous Japanese Manga Writers (November 23, 1997)

It is Mr. Tsukasa Hojo, after all, that my favorite Type-O manga writer. His most important works: 'City Hunter' and 'Cat's Eye'. Strongly purpose-oriented Ryo Saeba and Cat's Eye's three sisters carry out extremely difficult missions.
It looks like Type O that they are concerned with men and women difference. On the contraly, Type ABs virtually don't care about it. Type A maybe says "a man (woman) should be like this or that!"
Like Type O, heroes and heroins show one's emotions directly. But their emotions don't drag on. On the contraly, Type A's emotion does.

Look at Nausicaa and Kiki in 'Majo no Takkyubin'. They are completely Type Os

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