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Japanese Prime Ministers (August 6, 2012)

Relatively more TYPE O people. Average distribution ratios in Japan: TYPE-O 30.7%, TYPE-A 38.1%, TYPE-B 21.8%, TYPE-AB 9.4%.

The U. S. Presidents (August 10, 2017)

Average distribution ratios in U. S.: TYPE-O 46%, TYPE-A 43%, TYPE-B 8%, TYPE-AB 3%.

Famous People (April 30, 2018)

The Imperial Family of Japan

The Royal Family of the United Kingdom

Historical Persons of Japan

China President

Taiwan Presidents

Korean Presidents (South)

Russian Presidents

Korean Presidents (North)

Famous People

Famous People (June 1, 2007)

  From Dr. Jacques Laurent "4 groupes sanguins 4 personnalités"

 Ces informations ont été trouvées dans la presse, mais ont été impossibles à confirmer auprès des intéressés.

 [These information have been found in the press, but were impossible to confirm by the concerned persons.]

Mr. Masahiko and Toshitaka NOMI's Principal Books (April 5, 1998)

Other Statistics

1. Other statistics that showed significant and interesting differences.  (November 20, 1997)

2. According to a survey held by Osaka University (Japan) in 2005, 63.4% of American people know his/her own blood type.  (August 10, 2014)

Social Reseach Database on Questionnaires

Q49: Blood Type

  • A: 1939 people (33.4%)
  • B: 460 people (14.8%)
  • AB: 229 people (7.4%)
  • O: 1380 people (44.4%)
  • Not sure: 1779 people
  • Valid Answers: 4907 people
  • The following question and answer explains the reason.

    Q51: Underwent a blood test in the last 12 months

    Mr. Masahiko and Toshitaka NOMI's Principal Books (April 5, 1998)

    Also see The Origin -- Mr. Nomi's Principal Books

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    New version (2009) available

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    Japanese Books (April 5, 1998)

     Affirmantive books or articles are in black  Negative ones are in red.

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    English Books (March 18, 2007)

    " The leading proponent of the blood type-personality connection is a man named TOSHITAKA NOMI, whose father first pioneered the theory.
    In 1980, NOMI and Alexander Besher worte a book called *You Are Your Blood Type*, which has sold more than 6 million copies in Japan.
    It contains personality profiles and suggestions for the various blood type- right down to what you should do for a living, whom you should marry, and the dire consequences that might befall you if you should ignore this advice."..." Futhermore, as with all attempts to label people, this one has ominous undertones. Once you say, 'Type A is this,' or 'Type B is that,' the unavoidable next step is to say, 'Type B is superior,' or 'Only a Type O can be president.' Caste systems develop. A variarion of this happens every day in Japan- for example, when a company advertises that it is looking for Type Bs to fill middle management position."

    Japanese edition is also available now.

    Also see   Cook Right for your Type was published in December, 1998.

    Blood," the Japanese expert Toshitaka Nomi says, "is much more than the vital fluid that carries oxygen and other necessary life-supporting nutrients through your cardiovascular system."
    In 1901, Dr. Karl Landsteiner, who later won the Nobel Prize, identified the four blood groups (Note: actually three. Type AB was found later) to which we all belong, revolutionizing the world's view of man's biochemical makeup. Reliable blood transfusions were now fatal reactions that occur when blood from incompatible groups combines. Then, in 1910, von Dungern and Hirszfeld began researching the genetics of blood. They identified the inherited patterns, isolating independent pairs of genes that transmit blood type from parents to children.
    The first links between personality and blood groups were made by the Japanese psychologist Takeji Furukawa, who published his findings in the German *Journal of Applied Psychology* in 1931. The German psychologist Karl H. Göbber took Furukawa's work further, widening the research in scope and depth. In Switzerland, Dr. K. Fritz Schaer had begun independently researching personality and blood groups, using the students of the Swiss Military Academy as test subjects.
    In France, Jacques Genevay and Léone Bourdel were publishing their own groundbreaking scientific work, and throughout the fifties, sixties, and seventies Brazilian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Australian, and American specialists expended blood group psychology into the field of education, psychiatry, medicine, and even criminology.

    Research linking: your blood type and how it works.
    Your life span / Love and compatibility / Your likely illness profile / Diet and exercise for maximum life

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    English Papers (March 18, 2007)

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    Japanese Papers & Books (August 6, 2012)

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    Bloody AI Alchemist: The Origin of Happiness is fusion of Blood Type Personality & Artificial Intelligence (English Edition)

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