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Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo's book, "Eat Right 4 Your Type" which details the link between ABO blood type and individualized diets, became one of the best sellers in the U. S. A. -- more than 500,000 copies are sold.  He opened his website: www.dadamo.com.  Japanese edition is available now.  The book was introduced by two major private TV stations here in Japan.  It is translated more than ten languages now.  Blood-type diet is seems to be very popular around the world.  Therefore I will explain about the "blood-type diet", Japanese style.

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The name of the book above:
     Toshitaka Nomi (Type A) and Shoko Hamada (Type B)
     The newest ABO system diet "A method that loses weight with blood type"
     Published in 1984

This Japanese style diet focuses on the difference of personality (Dr. D'adamo advices us to care nutritions and foods suited for each blood types).  The following is the excerpts from the book.

Red_Ball12.gif (916 バイト)Traits of Type O and advices for diet

[Traits of Type O]

Type-O people are most docile to the instinct to live, so they are interested in their health and beauty of themselves much. Therefore, if they give priority to health maintenance, they observe even the such things as diet and no smoking well.
Moreover, O's are honor students in a diet school, because they listen the advice of specialists frankly.
But O's are inappropriate to put restriction on the instinct desires like appetite, because they live and go along naturally. However, the concentration, achievement power are preeminent when they determine the goal.

[Advices to Type O]

Red_Ball12.gif (916 バイト)Traits of Type A and advices for diet

[Traits of Type A]

Type-A people are always concerned with their surroundings, and tend to control themselves by Type-A service mind.
Moreover, anxious nature and anxious traits from unique perfectionism, A's are easy to be crowded by stresses.  Sometimes, they eat impulsively from frustrations -- to make themselves fat.  A's are seems to be weak to diabetes, so young fatness is a powerful enemy.  Diet is not only for cosmetic reasons but also the measures against adult's diseases.  Please make most of Type-A perfectionism that does not give up until goal.
A's have many likes and dislikes of foods.  Especailly, A's seem to dislike foul-smelling foods, raw fish and raw meat.  They like plain taste.

[Advices to Type A]

Red_Ball12.gif (916 バイト)Traits of Type B and advices for diet

[Traits of Type B]

Type B's have strong gourmandism traits.  Please don't put on weight.  There are many such B's as to eat delicious foods voluminously....  B' are not interested in diet generally, although they become easily absorbed in, when they are once interested.  Enthusiastic B's research knowledges and information and became veterans soon.  There is no ploblem for plan implementation.  However, B's have perversity nature.  Sometimes they persist in self-taught diet and ignore the advice of specialists. B's are fond of salt, easy to take too much -- they like deep taste.  Also, theraputic methods are suited for Type B.

[Advices to Type B]

Red_Ball12.gif (916 バイト)Traits of Type AB and advices for diet

[Traits of Type AB]
Type AB's mottoes are "rational" and "take it easy."  Although they are good at health control, not diet -- AB's have strong gourmandism traits.   AB's are easily defeated to the temptation of foods, unless very attentive.  There are the traits of lacking stamina.  Rational diet plans are needed.
There are much likes and dislikes of foods.  AB's dislike raw foods very much and seem to like well-processed ones.  Also, AB's like eating between meals, and dishes of many kind at one time.  This may be a point for the diet menu.

[Advice to Type AB]

Red_Ball12.gif (916 バイト)Appendix

 Indeed it is!  Also, I am not able to diet, because "easily defeated to the temptation of foods" ....

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