Love Style of Japanese Girls


Love Style of Japanese Girls

   A popular Japanese magazine " NONNO", mainly targeted for teenage girls, recently featured "blood type and love."
   There are interesting data.

From "NONNO" magazine, May 20, 2008 issue

  Title: The strongest collaboration special "love x blood type", To uncover your love habit completely, "Love blood type" perfection

  A questionnaire which asked 50 Japanese girls of each blood type really draws my attention.  The following percentages are ratios of "YES" answers . The highest in red, the lowest in blue.


Type O Type A Type B Type AB
Q1 Do you fall in love at first glance (before)? 68 % 72 %
Love constitution
50 %
Start from a friend!
70 %
Q2 Do you have another boyfriend other than the present one (before)? 36 %
1) No gamble possible
56 %
Unexpectedly high
38 % 36 %
Dislike troubles
Q3 Do your boyfriend have another girlfriend other than you (before)? 48 %
2) Love useless man
28% 22 %
3) Do not let him do
26 %
Q4 Do you watch your boyfriend's emails (of his cellular phone)? 46 % 66 %
I am jealous...
52 % 34 %
Don't interfere
Q5 Do you take over other girl's boyfriend (before)? 4) 12 % 24 % 18 % 10 %
Not interested

 The characteristics of each blood type do appear and are very interesting.  Type A girls usually fall in love at first glance, and type AB girls don't  interfere their boyfriends...
 But there are some doubts for these commentaries, too.
 1) 4) I think the percentages of type O are a little lower than expected.  Possibly they may answer "NO" superficially.
 2) Because type O girls are more sensitive to the love attitudes of theirs partners, they may have high rate to notice.
 3) This is interesting, too.  Type B girls are contrary to type O girls.  I think type B girls are a little less sensitive...

  How do you think?

 (June 20, 2008)

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