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Red_Ball12.gif (916 バイト)The Origin (April 5, 1998)

The book of the black cover was published from Sankei Publication in August, in 1973. The author of this book is Mr. Masahiko Nomi and the title is "Ketsueki-gata ningen-gaku" (Blood type humanics). It is his first book of blood type series. The book was sold over 300,000 copies in a short period and caused the first blood type boom throughout Japan. After this, Mr. Nomi wrote the second book "Ketsueki-gata aijo-gaku" (Blood type affection study) and the third book "Ketsueki-gata katsuyo-gaku" (Blood type utilization study). Soon "blood type and personality" became the buzz word of Japanese.

Mr. Nomi wrote this in the introduction of his book "Ketsueki-gata katsuyo-gaku" (Blood type utilization study)

"Ketsueki-gata ningen-gaku" (Blood type humanics) is the first one of this series. There were many topics, including introduction in meaning. In "Ketsueki-gata aijo-gaku" (Blood type affection study), I tried to explain affection objectively, which is usually thought to be subjective, by using many statistic data. As I am a perversive Type-B person.

In this "Ketsueki-gata katsuyo-gaku" (Blood type utilization study), compilation of knowledge of the two books, I will bigin to approach the essence of the heart and action of the human being from personality structures.
Attitude to relation itself between ABO blood type and humanity have changed a little with these three books. In "Ketsueki-gata ningen-gaku" (Blood type humanics), I said that it is "the scientifically inevitable fact" and "easy to understand the degree (of relation)" by actual examples and numbers. In "Ketsueki-gata aijo-gaku" (Blood type affection study), the statistics values show strong demonstration nature (of the relation) and impossible to avert eyes to this fact now". This book, "Ketsueki-gata katsuyo-gaku" (Blood type utilization study), carries new objective statistics in part two of chapter two, assume that the relation is the testified scientific fact. Now, It is entirely meaningless effort to discuss whether there is relation ... with blood type. I will concentrates on analyzing and observing it concretely, through supporting how that is expressed really with the data.

Excerpts from the advertisement of "Nomi's blood type series" by Sankei publication.

Ketsueki-gata ningen-gaku
(Blood type humanics)

Personality analysis that makes you happy Bestseller of the topic that pursued the fundamental relation between blood type and personality and demonstrate scientifically, by the tough observation, coverage that continue for an elaborate questionnaire survey for 30 years August 1973

258 pages

Ketsueki-gata aijo-gaku
(Blood type affection study)

Drama of love and sex, testimony of 20,000 people Affection, that is the movement of heart,  is closely related to personality, in other words, blood type. The first substantial affection report that proved scientifically on the basis of about 20,000 people data May 1974

278 pages

Ketsueki-gata katsuyo-gaku
(Blood type utilization study)

The book that makes the most of yourself and makes human relations better How to use the knowledge about blood type and personality, for self control and improvement, to the flexible correspondence and improvement to human relations, by scientific data. May 1976

288 pages

Ketsueki-gata essense
(Blood type essense)

Practical use all sorts of subject of personality and human relations The relation between ABO blood type and personality that is taken up to an encyclopedia. Compact preservation book that summarized the survey research by the author in many years. With blood type list of all the every field star and expert. June 1977

240 pages

Ketsueki-gata seiji-gaku
(Blood type politics)

The astonishing fact that moves politics! The new map of political world by blood type. Pursues about the relation between blood type and politics on the basis of the data of about 2,000 members of the Diet and the whole governors/mayors in Japan. The latest book of popular series! June 1978

318 pages

(April 5, 1998)

Red_Ball12.gif (916 バイト)"Ketsueki-gata ningen-gaku" -- Blood type humanics (1973)

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The next is contents.

Chapter 1  Blood type divides the human being

1. Understand the difference of blood types at a glance
  1.1. Eisaku style and Kakuei style (both are Japanese prime ministers)
  1.2. Ways of Hibari (singer) and Mariko (writer)
  1.3. Blood type is a ruler of personality
2. Blood type that divides talents
  2.1. Type O divides the singer and the master of ceremonies
  2.2. Type B divides shogi (Japanese chess) and go
  2.3. Type A absent to SF writers
3. Graphs draw characteristics of blood type
  3.1. Questionnaires of 150,000 samples
  3.2. Type A avoids people, Type B does not
  3.3. Type O received arrangements for search
  3.4. Type AB does not buy souvenirs
4 Blood type that makes racial traits
  4.1. Native Americans of only Type O
  4.2. Mongolians and Gypsies of more Type B
  4.3. Japanese of Type A race

Chapter 2  Principle of blood type and personality

1. Base knowledge of blood type
  1.1. Blood type is not type of blood
  1.2. Why blood type takes part with character and constitution?
  1.3. Heredity system of blood type -- there are 6 real blood types
2. Mechanism of human characters
  2.1. Taste of vegetable and taste of character
  2.2. Characters and personality are different
  2.3. All the people are both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

3. Base characters of each blood types
  3.1. Type O nature in Mr. Shirakawa (cameraman)
  3.2. Type O's base characters
  3.3. Type A nature in Mr. Yokoi Shoichi (soldier)
  3.4. Type A's base characters
  3.5. Type B nature in Ms. Mieko Takamine (actress)
  3.6. Type B's base characters
  3.7. Type AB nature in Mr. Osamu Dazai (writer)
  3.8. Type AB's base characters
4 Blood type that moves wisdom/feelings/mind
  4.1. Wisdom -- curiosity and study style
  4.2. Rationality -- thinking style and creation
  4.3. Feelings -- feelings and expression
  4.4 Mind -- action nature and decision

Chapter 3  Blood type that influences life and action

1. Daily action and blood type
  1.1. To eat!
  1.2. To ware!
  1.3. To sleep!
  1.4. To make!
  1.5. To laugh!
  1.6. To chat!
2. Blood type that produces love and humanism
  2.1. Base attitude toward people
  2.2. Warmth and coldness  toward people
  2.3. How do I think of affinities?
  2.4. Case diagnosis of character combination
   Type O Sayuri Yoshinaga and Type O Taro Okamoto / Type A Moeko Tawara and Type A Kotaro Tawara
   Type B Yukiji Asaoka and Type O Masahiko Tsgawa / Type O Yoshie Chikamatsu and Type AB Sumire Ichikawa
  2.5. Affection and sex nature

Chapter 4  Blood type appeals!

1. Don't we consider blood type in traffic accidents?
2. Is blood type able to apply to crime prevention?
3. Don't we need to consider blood type to medical treatment?
4. Don't we need to consider blood type to physical education sports?
  4.1. Blood type that divides winners and losers of sumo ring
  4.2 Special ability and blood type of sports players
5. Life-time differs by blood type?
  5.1. Which blood type is forever young?
  5.2. Which blood type becomes senile persons?

Chapter 5  Blood type that makes the most of life

1. Blood group is made the most of individuals
  1.1. One's strong and weak points and blood type
  1.2. Blood type that makes smooth human relation
2. To use blood type for aptitudes and suitable occupations
  2.1. Aaptitudes
  2.2. Suitable occupations
3. How to live one's life?
  3.1. An advice to Type O life
  3.2. An advice to Type A life
  3.3. An advice to Type B life
  3.4. An advice to Type AB life
  3.5. Blood type and human societies

From research notebook -- in stead of an afterword

Red_Ball12.gif (916 バイト)"Ketsueki-gata aijo-gaku" -- Blood type affection study (1974)

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Red_Ball12.gif (916 バイト)"Ketsueki-gata katsuyo-gaku" -- Blood type utilization study (1976)

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Red_Ball12.gif (916 バイト)"Ketsueki-gata essense" -- Blood type essense (1977)

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Red_Ball12.gif (916 バイト)"Ketsueki-gata seiji-gaku" -- Blood type politics (1978)

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Red_Ball12.gif (916 バイト)"Ketsueki-gata de wakaru aisho" -- Understanding affinity by blood type (1971)

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Red_Ball12.gif (916 バイト)"Shin ketsueki-gata ningen-gaku" -- New blood type humanics (1978)

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