PROGRAM: Telnet client for Dx Cluster

FILE NAME: DxRetriever.EXE ver 1.16

Windows 95/98/NT4/ME/2000/XP/7(32bit) available.
Windows7 (64bit) is not tested.
Free software (c)JA3THL S.Takahashi
-- How to install --
(1) Download DxRetriever.exe and DxRetriever.exe.manifest.
(2) Make a new folder under C:/ .
Under 'C:/Program Files' is not recommended.
(3) Copy DxRetriever.exe and DxRetriever.exe.manifest to the folder.
(4) Make a short cut to desk top. (If you like)
This software can be used for free. 
There is no warranty. 
This software cannot be sold.

 Down load DxRetriever.exe 
 Down load DxRetriever.exe.manifest 

-- Latest Ver.Up. --
ver 1.16 2013 Feb 16
(1) It is Corresponded to Windows7 UAC.
(2) Ini file name has been changed from Netdepc.ini to DxRetriever.ini. 
    Old ini file path is C:/Windows/Netdepc.ini.
    New ini file path is C:/INSTALLED_FOLDER/DxRetriever.ini.
ver 1.15 2012 Jun 7
(1) On Scope screen , Default Survival Time can be set by user.
   Environment -> Window1 -> Default Servival Time on Scope.
ver 1.14 2009 Aug 14
(1) On Scope screen , "Sort by freq" check box has been added. 
   This state is saved to ini file.
(2) On Scope screen , display of timestamps and grid locators 
   has been adjusted. 
ver 1.13a  2009 Jun 17
(1) Some Controls on Dialog have been adjusted for Wine.
   'Wine' is Windows emulator for Linux. Please see screen shot.
ver 1.13  2009 Apr 7
(1) Script Command 'reconnect_on' has been enhanced.
     Try to reconnect with same script if connection failed.
   reconnect_on 2
     Try to reconnect with script no.2 if connection failed.

   Some nodes should take the interval time at the reconnection. 
   It is written 'reconnect_on 2' in script 1 and  
   written 'reconnect_on 3' in script 2 and  
   written 'reconnect_on 1' in script 3 
   then you come round three nodes.
   You may avoid reconnection problem.   
ver 1.12d  2009 Apr 6
(1) Bug has been fixed.
    Scope -> DxPed -> Filter -> Sort Button 
ver 1.12c  2009 Feb 4
(1) Scope -> DxPed -> Filter -> Sort Button 
    has been added.
ver 1.12b  2009 Jan 18
(1) Environ Button -> Window2 -> Set Foreground Window 
    has been added.
    This function is as follows.
    If Filter Strings comes then DxRetriver come to top of 
    z-order even if it is minimized.
ver 1.12a  2009 Jan 3
(1) Number of DxPed Filter Strings has been increased 20.
(2) The check on Reconect is turned off when 'B' or 'BYE'
    command is sent. 
(3) Number of Macro Buttons has been increased 14.
ver 1.12  2009 Jan 1
(1) The standby second of the reconnection was changed as decided 
    by random numbers (10 to 60 sec). The purpose of this is for
    many people not to connect dx-cluster at the same time after 
    the connection failed. 
(2) New script command 'reconnect_on' has been added.
    This executes the equal the manual operation check on the 
    Reconnect check box. 
(3) New Function as follows has been added.
    Screen is switched to DxPed Scope when 'Filter Strings'
    This function can turn on/off by menu Environ -> Window2
    -> Screen is switched to DxPed when 'Filter Strings' comes.
    If you want to sound WAV when switched to DxPed , Set WAV
    file name with menu Environ -> Sounds -> Action 
    -> Switch to DxPed when 'Filter Strings' comes.
(4) DxPed Scope's filter strings has been increased 5 to 7.
    And the filtration rule has been changed as follows.
    If 'VP6' is set then any VP6(e.g. VP6DX , VP6PR) is hit.
    If '/VK' is set then any /VK(e.g. JA3QRM/VK) is hit. 
    If 'VK/' is set then any VK/(e.g. VK/JA3QRM) is hit.
ver 1.11b 2008 Dec 18
(1) DxPed screen bug as follows has been fixed.
    E.g.'A1DXX' was displayed though 'DX' was set to the filter of 
    the DxPed screen. 
ver 1.11a 2008 Feb 27
(1) Program name has been changed from netdepc to DxRetriever.
    Name 'DxRetriever' shows the use of this program.  :-)

    -- How to replace netdepc to DxRetriever --
(1) Copy DxRetriever.exe file to 'old netdepc' folder.
(2) Make a new short cut to your Desktop.
That's it!
ver 1.11a 2008 Feb 23
(1) Number of max spots on Monoband-Scope has been increased to 200.
ver 1.11 2008 Feb 22
(1) Dx Ped Scope has been added. 
    See NETdePC screen shot -> Dx Ped Scope.
ver 1.10b 2007 Nov 3
(1) Ignore Dup Function has been added. 
    (Environ -> Window2 -> Ignore Dup Spot on Mono-Band Scope)
ver 1.10a 2007 Apr 15
(1) WebPage Button of URL has been changed.
ver 1.10 2007 Mar 4
(1) Some fonts are changed due to large font problem.
ver 1.09 2005 Dec 25
(1) Connection datas are saved if 'Connect form -> Connect button'
    is pushed.
(2) Scope form -> Fileter for all band tag's setting is saved when
    Filter form is closed.
(3) Reconnect delay sec has been increased 180 to 300 sec.
(4) 'Connection-Script' is aborted if it was already connected.
ver 1.08 2005 Sept 13
(1) A bug(*) was fixed in Scope Function.
* The Scope did not work where using comma for decimal point.
  (In particular EU area)
ver 1.07e 2004 May 08
(1) When SH/D command was sent Asterisk is added 
    in front of DX CALL in the Scope Screen.
(2) When 'Filter for all band tag' is enabled 
    'Focus to new report' in the All Band Scope 
    did not work sometimes.
ver 1.07d 2004 Feb 27
(1) Scope became faster.
ver 1.07c 2003 Nov 30
(1) The maximum number of reports in Scope was changed.
ver 1.07b 2003 Nov 29
(1) Bug fixed.
When some check buttons(*1) were checked Scope didn't
(*1) Check buttons in Filter for ALL BAND Scope's
ver 1.07a 2003 Oct 24  
(1)The minimum value of a Link Check was changed in 1 minute.
(Because of IP Phone)
ver 1.07 2003 Oct 19  Bug fixed.
(1)Dx information didn't appears on scope screen when spotter's 
   callsing is longer than 9byte.
ver 1.06G 2003 May 3
(1)Some bugs in Scope routine were fixed.
ver 1.06f 2003 Mar 30 , Apr 26
(1)Environ / Sound / Strings /
Selection of 'Call' 'Freq' 'Remarks' was added.
ver 1.06e 2003 Mar 25
(1)Environ / Sound / Strings / 
Receive Strings2 Strings3 was opposite.
ver 1.06d   2003 Jan 25
(1)Script command 'wait' was added.
ver 1.06c   2003 Jan 24
(1)Scope was well-adjusted to the various formats.
ver 1.05   2002 Jun 24
(1) Lock button in scope screen was added.
(2) The following bug was fixed.
Scope screen sometimes does not work.
ver 0.20   2002 Mar 24
(1) Beta version 0.20 is released.